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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What Trump Didn't Say

Have you been hearing a lot about Donald Trump? The reason for that is he is all over the news for the things he has been saying while running for president. Recently, though, his publicity has been for what he decided not to say. While at a rally Q&A session, a supporter asked what could be done about a problem: "It's called Muslims. You know our current president is one... we have training camps growing where they want to kill us... When can we get rid of them?" Trump laughed and said the question was necessary. While Trump was a strong supporter of the movement that proposed Obama was not American and a Muslim, it has been proven that Obama is American and a Christian. Regardless of this fact, Trump decided to not correct the supporter on these extremely disrespectful and anti-semitic comments. Trump would rather keep that supporter and the like-minded people than do what is right and call the supporter out on the false comments. By not intervening nor disproving the supporter, Trump agrees with the man. This is generalizing that all Muslims are problems and this could not be further from the truth. As a presidential candidate, the objective is to appeal to as many voters as possible. Deciding not to speak out against the man leaves Muslim voters and outraged and opposed to Trump. A president shouldn't be stereotypical nor hold any accusations that will affect their relationships with other countries. The reason Trump is under fire is because what he didn't do. Choosing to not correct the supporter makes people believe that he believes what the supporter said is true. The comments the man made leave Trump supporters looking like they are all anti-semitics, which all of them deny. No one wants to be labled as anti-semitic, and this shows in Trump's recent poll numbers. He is on the decline as the gap closes between him and other candidates. The people have spoken that they will not stand for this semitism.


  1. Donald Trump has extremely strong opinions and I think that's why some people like him. While he has many supporters, I agree that he would not be fit to run our country as he is very stereotypical like was mentioned above. He also does not have experience besides running a company that he inherrited from his family. This is just my opinion, but I believe that this whole Muslim topic is very controversial and important to determining the next president.

  2. I wrote a blog on the same topic as well, since it was so shocking that he did not correct the questioner! I agree with your statements about how he was not valid on some of the points he made about Obama, but I'd also relate to how John Mccain handled the same exact question about 8 years ago. In comparison, Mccain corrected the woman that asked the question and reassured her of the truth and gave reason behind the political conflicts he had with Obama. Mccain handled the question with much more accuracy than Trump did, since he has a lot of strong opinions that can be seen as both unethical and false. And the reason he is leading in poles is because the only people that are voting right now are the white upper-class who are crazy enough to vote at this time, in the first place. So, I wouldn't fret about an unjust man being in the presidential position...